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In-depth reviews and excerpts from hard-to-find quality works on the Deep Political Mileu. Special Thanks to Peter Dale Scott for his permission to use the phrase he coined . . .

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 New! From Robert Parry, the former Newsweek Journalist who broke the Iran-Contra story, and who continues to report hard-hitting stories of the highest caliber, despite the consequences in today's twisted "news" market ...

Concieved and Produced from the mold of the independant, iconoclastic, no-holds-barred journalistic traditions of George Seldes's In Fact and I.F. Stone's Weekly. Speaks truth to power - Should have a place on every coffee table in America.


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Defrauding America
Newly Released (10/97) Explosive Third Edition

A comprehensive, 750 page "Encyclopedia of Secret Operations by the CIA, DEA, and Other Covert Agencies". 

Author was forced to eliminate much of the first third of the text from the second edition to make way for nearly 300 pages of new material in this Third EditionMany explosive new documents. Filled with first-hand accounts, and conservative in its conclusions, given the evidence it presents.

Written by a former FAA investigator who was destroyed personally and financially as a consequence of his honesty and patriotism.

If you own the second edition, you will want this one.  If you don't own the second edition, you need this one.

by Rodney Stich



Deep Politics and the Death of JFK

The definitive book on the subject, it is available now, but the description is still under construction. Dr. Scott's article in Deep Times carries the same style as this book.

by Peter Dale Scott


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Deep Politics II: Essays
on Oswald, Mexico, and Cuba

A series of essays to follow up the above classic. This one is more rare, and equally compelling.

by Peter Dale Scott

Who's Who of the Elite

Who's Who


An up-to-date roster of members of the Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones Society, and the Committee of 300. An excellent coffee-table reference to identify the affiliations of news-makers and news-breakers. No theories, just facts.

by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.


An Alice-in-Wonderland-like 20-year adventure into the depths of "democracy". It provides irrefutable evidence that the vote can be and has been fraudulently manipulated. What starts as a minor delving into politics takes on a life of its own, as the authors discover that the only peaceful means for change may be on the verge of irreparable corruption. Reads like a thriller. If you pick this one up, you will be done with it in two days, tops.

by James and Kenneth Collier



The Constitution NotebookFree Trial Version - Windows Version Updated March, 1997!

The Constitution Notebook:

A Software program for studying and learning the Constitution of the United States. Optional State Modules are available.

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