Defrauding America

Defrauding America (cover) by Rodney Stich

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For a better understanding of government corruption, to understand what actually happened in past government scandals and their cover-ups, and to better comprehend government corruption that has yet to surface, read the second edition of Defrauding America. This unusual 650-page trade paperback is highly documented and detailed. It was written by a former government investigator, with the assistance of numerous deep-cover CIA and other government personnel.

Elections over the past two years brought about the possibility of policy shifts, but did little or nothing about the hard-core corruption in government that is inflicting great harm upon the American people and the world. This book is capable of informing an otherwise poorly-informed American public, and hopefully motivating them to exercise their responsibilities under a democratic government.

Defrauding America educates and motivates by describing, in unprecedented detail and unmatched clarity, the interrelationships of various criminal activities and people in control of the CIA and other intelligence services, the Department of Justice, the federal courts, and members of Congress.

Among the racketeering schemes described are:

  1. CIA and other government personnel involved in drug trafficking into the United States;
  2. October Surprise and its cover-up;
  3. Inslaw, the coordinated theft of proprietary software and subsequent ruining of the company by persons in the Department of Justice;
  4. Iran-Contra (No, you don't know the whole story-even if you read the Walsh Report.)
  5. The Savings and Loan swindle;
  6. Arkansas scandals involving President Clinton;
  7. BNL, BCCI, HUD, and much, much more!

Never before has the venality of Justice Department attorneys and federal judges been exposed in this manner. Never before have the methods by which the American people are being looted of their money, their freedoms, and their future been so completely exposed

It is impossible for any voter to make logical decisions on election day without the knowledge provided by Defrauding America. It is every American's patriotic duty to read this book, talk about it to friends and acquaintances, and act on it!

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