Every one of the criminal activities within these pages, and the U.S. officials implicated in them, were protected by the deaths and false charges by Justice Department prosecutors of whistleblowers, informants, protesting citizens, and victims. Killing witnesses or informants is nothing new. But these acts have greatly accelerated within the government of the United States as the criminal acts against the American people have accelerated.

Publicity was given to one of the first whistleblowers to be killed, federal inspector Henry Marshall, an employee of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service. He was killed in June 1961 on a farm in Texas, much to the relief of high federal officials. Marshall had evidence linking a multimillion-dollar commodity fraud to an LBJ aide, and to Lyndon Johnson himself. Alongside Marshall's body was the .22 caliber rifle that had fired the fatal bullets. Texas authorities obligingly ruled Marshall's death a suicide, even though the position of the wounds indicated it would have been physically impossible for them to have been self-inflicted.

An AP article prepared by the Dallas Times Herald(413) reported that convicted swindler Billy Sol Estes secretly testified before a grand jury empaneled at Franklin, Texas, relating to the Marshall death. Estes testified that he was present when Lyndon Johnson and two other men discussed having Marshall killed because Marshall knew too much about illegal manipulation of cotton allotments. Johnson reportedly gave the order to have Marshall slain. Estes identified the two men as Clifton Carter and Malcolm Wallace. Carter was once Johnson's top political aide in Texas and later his White House liaison to the Democratic National Committee. Wallace was a former University of Texas student body president.

The Marshall killing and its relationship to Lyndon Johnson had been the subject of intense gossip and rumor in Texas political circles for years. Estes, who had aged considerably since Marshall was killed, agreed to testify about the Marshall killing at the urging of U.S. Marshal Clint Peoples of Dallas, who had pursued the case for more than two decades.

Other testimony in the grand jury hearings revealed that Johnson approved the killing out of fear that Marshall would give Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy evidence concerning cotton allotments incriminating LBJ. Kennedy was known to have no respect for Johnson.

The deaths of key people in the alleged murder conspiracy prevented further grand jury investigation. Former President Lyndon Johnson died January 22, 1973, on his ranch near Austin, Texas. Wallace died in a car accident in 1971, and Carter died September 22, 1971. The grand jury came to the conclusion that Marshall was killed, but reached no conclusion as to who may have done it.

"You're Going To Get Killed!"
When FAA inspectors warn another inspector his life is in danger by reporting safety violations and related criminal acts, the public might get the impression FAA inspectors are not going to report safety problems! "You're going to get killed," was the warning I received from several FAA employees as I tried to expose the FAA corruption. If other inspectors feared for their lives if they report safety violations at favored airlines, such as United, they could not be expected to report the misconduct.

The CIA was heavily involved in activities surrounding the John F. Kennedy assassination, and this group, like no other group in the United States, has a long history of assassinations. The death rate of people associated in some way with the JFK assassination was extraordinarily high. A partial list of those who died in the JFK assassination follows, and that list is followed by a partial list of those who posed a threat to U.S. officials because of their knowledge of activities described within these pages...

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