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Trail of the Octopus: Behind the Lockerbie Disaster

Co-Authored by Donald Goddard and Lester K. Coleman

(20 chapters and a well-documented appendix; 450 pages; newly updated)

With the recent bombing of an aircraft in New York, this book becomes more current and pertinent than ever. Donald Goddard is a former editor of the New York Times, and Lester Coleman is a former DIA agent who is now being persecuted for his knowledge. Mr. Coleman and his family desperately need our help.

Articles merely awaiting digitizing and html conversion include two more by Peter Dale Scott: an introduction and review of The Lopez Report on Oswald in Mexico, and a critical review of Case Closed. The Lopez Report - long locked away from public view by the CIA - will be offered here for sale soon. Case Closed will not.

Deep Politics Development Slow - Volunteers Needed

November 18, 1995— In the short time this site has been active, I have had the pleasure of making contact with a number of diverse personalities, all of whom have much to offer this site. The potential for significant and positive impact on the situation is far too important to let it die.

There is one way for you to assure that activity accelerates on this site allowing for earlier impact, rather than later: Volunteer your services to help build this site. A book reward for significant contributions will be made.

If you have HTML skills, or if you are looking for a way to develop them, please consider helping to expand this Site. The text files either exist, or can be provided on short notice, and your input on content will carry greater weight.

If you are interested in helping this site grow to its potential, please e-mail me at

Thank you.

David H. Stern, MD

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