From the Editor's Desk: November 22, 1997

Lifting the Veil


Almost everyone who has become involved in exposing, studying, and activating against government corruption, tyrrany, and general malfesance can tie their involvement to some major personal discovery that forced them into a choice: deny what your senses tell you, or re-work your understanding of the reality of the democratic process.  For me, that discovery came in 1992, after viewing Oliver Stone's JFK.  

I am sure that enemies of liberty and their willing servnts will find some grist for their disinformation mill in this revelation.  After all, Oliver Stone is their favorite whipping boy.  But if Mr. Stone can take the heat, so can I, and I will not shrink from this "admission".  Oliver Stone maintained the courage of his convictions to risk his lucrative career for the sake of making a remarkably accurate movie about the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.  That single act forced me to carry out a series of acts of my own, which is how I ended up here.   This fact in no way makes me unique.  Mr. Stone's contributions to "democracy" do not end with his own actions, but continue on with the actions of thousands of people like me who have had the veil lifted from their eyes.  For that, Oliver Stone has my deepest gratitude.

Or maybe I should be cursing that movie, for my life has never been the same since.  James and Kenneth Collier said it best in their stunning book, Votescam:

There are no tests to determine when the last rock on the ledge of life slips and plunges you into the crater of causes ... Your relationship with others is more or less determined by the extent to which they will tolerate your cause, which for some of your loved ones may be less attractive than maggot soup

This week, in observance of the 34th Anniversary of the event that changed America forever, we are featuring a two-part investigative work on the ongoing assassination of John Kennedy.  James DiEugenio, veteran assassination researcher, author, president of CTKA, editor of Probe, and board member of COPA, has donated his current landmark study on The Second Assassination of JFK.  (If you are not familiar with all the acronyms, you will be.)  This lengthy work includes a detailed expose of Sy Hersh, and his new book, "The Dark Side of Camelot."  With all of the stories circulating about concerning the JFK Presidency, a detailed review and analysis should prove invaluable to anyone wanting to truly understand the story.

In addition, I would like to call your attention to the other important additions to Deep Times this week.  Last week's features set a record for volume of material in a single week.  With Jim DiEugenio's epic work, we have far surpassed that this week.

Ian Goddard has provided some additional clarification regarding his ongoing battle with the news media, and David Goddard has weighed in with breif summary review of Danny Casalaro's "Octopus" discoveries.  

We anticipate a major new investigative piece from David Guyatt at our next issue (after the American Thanksgiving Holiday), so be sure to come back to read that when it is published.  Until then, "Happy Thanksgiving!" (whether you celebrate it, or not!)

.David H. Stern, M.D.
Editor, Deep Times

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