Russbacher's Credentials

A copy of official records from Offut Airforce Base, showing Russbacher's status as captain, captains' pay grade as Grade 6, assigned to ONI, with authorization from Commander-in-Chief, Pacific.

An internal memorandum from John Poindexter to Robert McFarlane reporting on the first shipment of TOW missiles to Iran. This memo names both Robert Hunt (who it identifies as ON)I, and Gunther Russbacher (also ONI) as being persent on that flight. Of note, a copy of this memo was sent to then-VP George Bush.

Another internal memorandum from John Poindexter to Robert McFarlane, identifying Robert Hunt as also being on staff to the NSC. Again, this document, a copy of which went to George Bush, identifies both Hunt and Russbacher.

A memorandum from Bill Casey to Gunther Russbacher, which identifies Robert Hunt as ONI, a copy of which went to George Bush.

A memorandum from John Poindexter to William Casey, describing payoffs to participants in the Iran-Contra scheme, including Robert Hunt (ONI) and and Gunther Russbacher.

A memorandum from Oliver North to John Poindexter, describing a snag in negotiations in Terhan, involving Robert Hunt and Gunther Russbacher, among others.

A letter of appreciation from George Bush to John Poindexter, thanking him for his work in Iran-Contra operations, and asking him to pass on thanks to Naval Officer Robert Hunt, and CIA Agent Gunther Russbacher.

A letter from Mossad Agent (and later critic) Moshe Ben-Manash to Robert Hunt, which also identifies Gunther Russbacher as ONI.

A Notarized Declaration by Robert Hunt, identifying himself and Gunther Russbacher, written at the request of Rodney Stich.

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