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On or about October 6, 2001, Ian Goddard requested that I remove his work from my site after having it posted here with his permission for as much as five years.

I explained that I was no longer doing ANY work on the site anymore, but would do it when I got the chance.

Then I discovered that I did not even have the tools anymore to access my site. It had been over three years since I had done anything, and so I informed Goddard of that, and again told him I would get to it when I could. In the mean time, this part of the site was not even accessable, except by someone who could figure out how to alter the existing links to it.

8 days later, when I next turned on my computer to check my e-mail, I discovered a series of increasingly agitated e-mails from Ian Goddard, along with e-mails to my ISP demanding that the files be removed forthwith, and intimating legal action if they were not removed.

They are now gone.

Ian Goddard had one good project, which I helped him bring to the world when this site was active and receiving up to 10,000 visitors per day. When CNN was harrassing and vilifying him, I was offering support. He rewarded this friendship with actions as described above.

I never did think much of Goddard's other stuff, which is why it never appeared here. But I still recommend the TWA 800 materials. But if you are considering getting involved with him, you might want to think again.

Happy reading.